Regulations for universal access to free or discounted funeral services

A new decree broadens the criteria for entitlement to free or discounted funeral services, meaning twice as many people may benefit than before. The funeral companies with licences, Áltima and Mémoria, will each contribute a million euros to help cover the cost, which will depend on the Catalonia Adequate Income Indicator (IRSC) of each applicant and a report from Social Services confirming they are unable to cover the cost.

08/06/2018 16:05 h


People whose IRSC is equal to or less than 0.66 will be entitled to free basic funeral services. This minimum service includes: the coffin, basic hygiene procedures on the corpse and its laying in the coffin, as well as the transfer to a cemetery or crematorium within the city.

People whose IRSC is equal or less than 1 will be entitled to a 20% discount off basic services and can add complementary services such as the wake room and the funeral ceremony, providing the overall bill doesn’t exceed 2,500 euros.

The decree comes into effect in the next few weeks, consolidating a shift from a profit-driven model to one of objective and regulated public policy, guaranteeing the funeral rights of people in vulnerable situations. Funeral companies will provide information on the support available and how to get it.


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