‘Road safety. Challenges for cities in the 21st century’

The 25th Barcelona Road Safety Forum made an analysis of advances in road safety over the last twenty-five years, with a pledge to keep moving forward and offer solutions to the challenges of the future in terms of safe and sustainable mobility and the sharing of road surfaces between new types of transport such as personal mobility vehicles. The meeting involved over two hundred representatives from all relevant institutions and associations, along with experts in transport, safety and mobility.

08/11/2019 18:55 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Under the slogan ‘Road safety. Challenges for cities in the 21st century’, the 25th Barcelona Road Safety Forum sought to strengthen the commitment to a safer and more people-friendly city. Various round table sessions looked at road safety improvements to cut accident rates in cities and prioritise pedestrians, with reflection also focusing on safe, inclusive and sustainable mobility.

Challenges for the future were also identified, such as the integration of personal mobility vehicles in the city, street calming in areas around schools, lower speed limits in urban streets and improved safety for motorcyclists, the most vulnerable collective along with pedestrians.

The Barcelona Road Safety Forum started life twenty-five years ago, in 1994, with the aim of covering the gap in debate on road safety in urban environments.


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