Sant Andreu to get 135 sustainable quick-build public homes on the site of the former barracks

The project has been awarded for two new public blocks of rental housing on the site of the former barracks in Sant Andreu. The homes will be constructed using an industrialised technique which reduces building times and the environmental impact. Between them, the two blocks should provide new homes for nearly 340 people.

09/06/2021 14:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Municipal Institute for Housing and Renovation (IMHAB) has awarded the project to VIAS, Dataae + J.R. Pascuets + M. Gonzàlez. The development is worth 11.7 million euros and should be completed in two years, with industrialised techniques used to prefabricate and mass produce various elements to be assembled on-site. The new homes will be the first of their kind to be built in the city after the APROP local housing solution based on reusing shipping containers.

In this case, two new developments at the Casernes de Sant Andreu site will use prefabricated wooden structures. The project is for well-insulated spaces with a high level of solar control to prevent overheating in the summer, with cross-ventilation as a passive cooling system to help with energy savings in the winter.

Homes with social rents for young people

Building A will be located at C/ Víctor Colomer, 6-12, and have two different heights of five and ten floors respectively, forming an L-shaped façade. The project is for 79 homes with social rents, providing housing for some 200 people.

Building J will be located at C/ Fernando Pessoa, 53-57, with a ground floor and five upper floors. The project for this building is for 56 homes with rents for young people, providing housing for some 140 people.


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