Sant Joan with the family, close to home

This year’s celebrations in Barcelona for the shortest night of the year will be a more low-key affair, close to home, as the festive night adapts to the recommendations from the health authorities and the current regulations for the lockdown exit process. Bonfires are not permitted, and the beaches will be closed from 8 pm (restricted access from 7 pm) on 23 June until 10 am the following day.

10/06/2020 19:16 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona


Sant Joan, or midsummer’s eve, is just around the corner, and this year’s celebrations will have to take the form of small gatherings. The only activities allowed will be those which ensure safety distances can be maintained between people, with no parties of large crowds permitted.

The beaches will be closed from 8 pm on 23 June to 10 am the following day to avoid the large crowds that gather there every year. Access to the beaches will be restricted from 7 pm so that they can be closed on time. Beach bars will also be closed from 8 pm on 23 June. The city’s parks will be closed from 3 pm on 23 June, with access restricted from 1.30 pm onwards, meaning people can only leave. The Turó de la Peira will be closed from 9 am and the entrance to the Turó de la Rovira will be closed at 6 pm on 23 June.

Large bonfires are not permitted on the eve of Sant Joan and small fires are only allowed if they are properly encircled and occupy a maximum of one square metre, inside a brasero, grill or on brick surface with granite sand. Capacities should also be reduced and controlled.

Kiosks selling fireworks are allowed to open provided they are located in public places and comply with health and safety conditions.

Fire Service and the City Police

The Fire Service and the City Police will be working all night to help ensure safety and attend to any incidents that may arise.

In the days before Sant Joan the Fire Service will be carrying out inspections at the 117 shops and kiosks selling fireworks to ensure they comply with the relevant safety measures. They will also be carrying out checks at the sites of authorised fires. On the night of 23 June, both services will step up their presence around the city, particularly near wooded areas.

The City Police will be running a special citywide operation, particularly in places where build-ups of people may occur, to ensure compliance with the planned safety measures. The police may restrict mobility to prevent crowding. Special attention will also be paid to places where firewood, wood and other materials are stored and could be used for unauthorised fires in the wooded area belonging to the Parc de Collserola. There will also be checks on fireworks sales points to ensure sales comply with the established requisites.

Breathalyser and drug-driving checks will also be conducted around the whole city on the night of 23 June to prevent driving risks.

Cleaning operation

Although the beaches will be closed and celebrations are expected to involve smaller groups, cleaning services will be adapted to respond to any situation which may arise. The priority will be to get the city back to normal in the early hours of 24 June. The cleaning operation for the eve of Sant Joan involves 115 teams, with a total of 281 workers around the city.



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