Sixty terraces, bars and restaurants in Ciutat Vella to close earlier

Sixty terraces, bars and restaurants in the Gòtic and Raval neighbourhoods in Ciutat Vella will be closing earlier as from Saturday. The measure comes on top of other steps taken to reduce noise in public streets and respect the hours of rest of local people in an area affected significantly by nightlife.

02/12/2022 13:18 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Terraces in twenty streets and squares in Ciutat Vella will have to close at 11 pm every day of the week, an hour earlier than previously from Monday to Thursday and two hours earlier than previously at weekends.

In addition, some sixty bars and restaurants will be closing an hour earlier, at 2 am instead of 3 am.

The measure is being applied in parts of the district regarded as under pressure from noise at night.

Less noise, more rest for local people

The measure forms part of the Plan to Reduce Noise Pollution in streets and squares in Ciutat Vella. The plan includes other measures such as food stores closing at 10 pm and the ban on skating in Pl. Àngels and its environs between 10 pm and 8 am.

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