More grants for youngsters to take part in summer activities

A sum of 3,450,000 euros has been allocated for family grants for the ‘Vacances d’estiu’ summer activity scheme. The programme includes activities at nursery schools, summer schools, the Campus Olímpia, summer camps, routes, sports schools, cultural stays outside Catalonia and socio-cultural activities.

26/05/2018 15:33 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The amount allocated represents a rise of 290,000 euros compared to last year and there is no limit to the number of places which may be subsidised on any given activity. Grants will be awarded up to a maximum of one per activity per child, and, depending on family profiles and circumstances, may cover up to 90% of the cost of the activity.

This year’s edition of the ‘Vacances d’estiu’ campaign offers 317,520 places on activities, a 24% increase compared to last summer. There is also a 13% increase in the number of different activities, with a total of 983 leisure, sports, educational and cultural options available.

The summer campaign aims to guarantee a broad, well-distributed and balanced array of recreational, sports and cultural activities for youngsters between the ages of 1 and 17 living in the city. As with previous editions, the programme also looks to cover the demand for specialist monitors for young children and teenagers requiring special support, whether due to physical, psychological or sensorial disabilities, enabling them to take part in any of the activities and helping with their integration.


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