Barcelona City Council allocates €3 million in aid for Barcelona's sports clubs and organisations

Barcelona City Council, through the Barcelona Institute of Sports, is opening a special subsidy call in response to the Covid-19 crisis, with three million euros in subsidies for non-profit entities and associations fostering physical activity and the ongoing promotion of sport among the under-18s in the city.

03/11/2020 12:25 h

Martín Roig

Barcelona City Council, through the Barcelona Institute of Sports, has launched an extraordinary €3-million subsidy campaign for non-profit organisations and associations that directly and continually foster the practice of physical activity and promote sport for the city’s under-18s, in response to the crisis caused by the covid-19 situation.

Strengthening the city’s sports fabric

The city’s network of sports associations is basically made up of non-profit sports clubs and organisations and, due to the health crisis, their economies have experienced severe cash-flow problems due to the lack of membership fees. This has put the production of high-quality sports programmes and the economic viability of many of these organisations and clubs at risk.

Barcelona City Council is aware of this reality and of the lack of activity that the health crisis has meant for the sector. It has therefore launched this extraordinary subsidy campaign, aimed at regenerating this network of associations by injecting extraordinary funding to these sports clubs and organisations in order to help their finances.

The plan for safeguarding and regenerating the sports system

This plan contains a set of measures aimed at safeguarding and recuperating sport in Barcelona. It places a lot of emphasis on the sustainability of activities at municipal sports installations, subsidies for families who find themselves in a situation of job insecurity or social vulnerability, and especially on safeguarding the work that these sports clubs and organisations carry out in the area of promoting sport and social cohesion.

The plan establishes 5 main lines of action:

  1. The sustainability of the network of municipal sports installations
  2. Further guaranteeing universal access to sport
  3. Extraordinary aid for sports clubs and organisations
  4. New organisational formats for sports events
  5. Support and advice via the Barcelona Sports Office