Summer cleaning operation

The city’s cleaning services are being stepped up in the summer, just like every year. On this occasion services are being adapted to the caused by Covid-19. The summer operation consists of 106 workers, who will be prioritising cleaning in areas such as parks, squares and green spaces.

26/07/2020 10:07 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

There’s less tourism this summer and more local people making use of public space. The cleaning plan has been adapted to respond to the current health situation.

The cleaning operation will involve 61 teams with 106 workers to carry out more intensive cleaning tasks in the busiest places, such as squares, parks and green spaces. Checks and cleaning will also continue around waste containers and sensitive spots cleaned using water.

Action in priority areas includes:

  • Cleaning around waste containers in the districts of L’Eixample, Gràcia, Horta-Guinardó and Sant Martí.
  • Extra cleaning in green areas in the Parc de la Ciutadella, around the Park Güell, the Jardins de Sants-Montjuïc, Horta-Ginardó, Nou Barris and interior quadrangles such as those in L’Eixample.
  • Extra cleaning in the squares in Gràcia.
  • More cleaning with water in Ciutat Vella.
  • High-pressure water cleaning in the squares in Horta-Guinardó and Nou Barris.
  • Extra cleaning along the coast and the sand on the beaches.


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