Summer works to improve the quality of the city’s public space and services

Public works scheduled for the summer will be spread around all ten districts in the city, with most projects (66%) unlikely to cause many disruptions.

07/07/2021 15:43 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The urbanisation of Av. Joan XXIII, in Via Trajana and C/ Amogàvers (between Joan d’Àustria and Pamplona), along with the first stage of the special plan for La Marina, will be completed in August. The summer months will also be used to speed up work in Av. Meridiana, between C/ València and C/ Navas de Tolosa-Josep Estivill, to carry out 28 new urban projects, including those linked to the Hostafrancs Superblock and the Horta Superblock and the area around Can Batlló. All these works are to make public space friendlier and more comfortable in the city.

Public transport and services ready

In terms of rail structures, work on the emergency exits for the high-speed train tunnels in C/ Mallorca is to be completed, meaning the public can regain a space affected by work for the last three years. Progress is also being made to improve the frequency and accessibility of the metro service, with work in the stations of Espanya, Vallcarca and Trinitat Nova. A special bus service is being laid on while these projects last.

To guarantee safe mobility within the city, a section of the wall is to be demolished and rebuilt along the access road for C/ Sabina Arana, which connects with the Maria Cristina tunnel, and various expansion joints are to be repaired on the road surface of Ronda del General Mitre, between Pl. Prat de la Riba and C/ Doctor Fleming. The summer months will also see more progress on the Glòries tunnel, now in its final stages, while surfaces will be improved at exits 4 and 6 of the Ronda de Dalt.

July and August will see maintenance carried out on power lines too, along with the drinking water and gas networks and the city’s sanitisation infrastructures.

Safe and healthy schools

Important work will also be carried out this summer as part of the ‘Protegim les escoles’ programme, which is set to benefit 75 schools around the city’s ten districts this year. The goal is for schools and their surroundings to be full of life thanks to projects to calm traffic and give more attention to public space, with elements which invite people to spend time there.

As ever, works carried out in the summer make the most of the holiday period, when there is less road mobility and less activity, to minimise disruptions and inconvenience for local people.


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