More City Police resources in the fight against gender violence

The City Police responded to more than 2,500 alerts of male violence towards women in the period up to 30 September this year. A comprehensive new plan has been drawn up to provide a better response by guaranteeing more resources and more preparation to prevent, detect and act against this type of violence. The role of the police at a neighbourhood level will be broadened, with ongoing training and more coordination with municipal care services for women and with the Catalan police force (Mossos).

22/12/2020 09:37 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

December’s full council meeting will be presented with a government measure to increase the resources and preparation of the City Police to improve prevention, detection and care for women victims of male violence, based around five main areas:

  1. Permanent commission to manage cases. This was set up during the first state of emergency for Covid-19 and since September a pilot project has been under way in the district of Sant Martí, with the City Police, Social Services, women’s care services and the Catalan police working together to analyse and monitor cases of gender violence. The goal of the project is to develop a standard action methodology for the whole city.
  2. Improved coordination. The internal procedure for the joint operations room for cases of gender violence will be improved, with better coordination with the Catalan police on prevention and the exchange of information, an action protocol for cases of male violence towards women on public transport and the introduction of detection indicators for human trafficking.
  3. Broader range of tasks for neighbourhood police. Functions will be defined for the neighbourhood police on prevention, detection and care for the victims of gender violence, with each territorial unit to get training on police intervention in situations of gender violence. There will also be joint information sessions with municipal care services for women victims, and with victim support groups run by the Mossos.
  4. Ongoing training. A reference figure for gender violence will be created within the City Police, to identify and bring together the training needs of the corps in this area. Training sessions will be given on intervention and support for women who are the victims of sexual violence and sexist violence.
  5. Action in public space. Together with the Directorate for Feminism and LGBTI Services, a coordination procedure will be put together for purple points and anti-sexism stands, an operation will be set up for the prevention of sexist violence at annual festivals and major events, and a procedure created to regulate interventions which involve administrative penalties.


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