United, diverse and rebellious: the women in the new mural at La Model

The walls of the former Model prison now feature a new piece of artwork, with a large feminist mural designed in collaboration with the newspaper ‘Femiñetas’ and created by the illustrators Lola Vendetta, María Pichel, Amaia Arrazola, Vicky Cuello, Carolina Monterrubio and Marina Capdevila.

29/03/2021 17:18 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The combination of styles of the six illustrators tasked with producing the new mural at La Model reflects the diversity of the women involved in the feminist struggle. United, diverse and rebellious, they make the case for equality through activism and the conquest of public space.

While this year’s 8 March programme was conditioned by the Covid-19 crisis, this piece of artwork at the former Model prison offered an opportunity to regain community space as a key form of expression and give visibility to the feminist movement, allowing reflection on the capacity of urban art to transform space and convey a message. As from today, the walls in C/ Provença and C/ Entença now form part of the diverse and collective feminist struggle.

Six artists and an illustrated newspaper

Femiñetas is a self-managed collective feminist publication, where various feminist voices work together through texts and illustrations. With a print run of 1,000, this Barcelona publication now has eight editions to its name and has a network of over 150 collaborators, including the six artists who have combined to produce the feminist mural at La Model: Lola Vendetta, María Pichel, Amaia Arrazola, Vicky Cuello, Carolina Monterrubio and Marina Capdevila.

Each illustration offers a different creative proposal, symbolising the infinity of representations of women in society and moving away from stereotyped images and gender roles.

The mural comes in addition to the rest of the initiatives organised to mark 8 March, International Women’s Day. These include the exhibition ‘Women Photographers in Barcelona’ and the latest steps on equality, such as the expansion of the Concilia municipal child-minding service, the additional streets named after women in the city and measures to combat women’s labour precariousness and the digital divide.


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