“Tenim companyia”: the role of animals for people who feel lonely

A campaign shows various experiences with pets which have helped combat unwanted loneliness, facilitating new relationships and opening up opportunities to get to know other people. The benefit is mutual, as animals in shelters also feel lonely and need company.

22/03/2022 13:24 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Four video accounts and a campaign video on municipal social media offer stories about adoption, shelter and volunteer work with animals at the Barcelona Pet Shelter (CAACB), such as the experiences of Kimberly and Tiffany; Carlos and Thor;  Cayetana, Sandra, Simba and Leo, and Eulàlia, Òscar, Lucy, Aileen and seven puppies.

A strategy to promote lasting relationships

“Tenim companyia” is part of the Municipal Strategy to Combat Loneliness 2020-2030, the goal of which is to promote solid and lasting quality relationships and work for the benefit of all citizens.

The second strategy area consists of rolling out resources and services to prevent, detect and address loneliness. In this respect, a programme based around pets has been developed as a resource to combat loneliness among people of all ages.

To see a summary of the campaign, which includes other personal accounts such as the experience of Jordi, Eva and Montserrat, click here.

Various adoption campaigns

Besides this campaign, another is under way with the slogan “Millor adopta”, to foster the adoption and responsible ownership of animals. Last year saw another campaign conducted under the slogan “Adopta un invisible”, which used social media to introduce various animals waiting for a family to adopt them. You can find other initiatives linked to animal welfare here.


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