Call for the closure of the CIE following a positive case of Covid-19

A request has been made to the court responsible for the foreigner internment centre (CIE) in the Zona Franca, asking for the facility to be closed down given the impossibility of guaranteeing the health of interns and the staff and legal representatives who attend the centre. The request comes after the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB) confirmed that the centre does not meet the minimum health conditions to tackle Covid-19.

16/10/2020 15:38 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

When the ASPB became aware that somebody had tested positive for Covid-19, the agency visited the centre to make an assessment and draft a report. The conclusion is that the CIE has no contingency plan for the isolation or quarantine of positive cases and their contacts to cut the chain of transmission.

The person who tested positive is currently in one of the two CIE modules, occupied respectively by 40 and 41 people who live together and share bedrooms. The CIE has got just four individual rooms which can be used for segmentation and isolation in cases of infections, an essential factor in avoiding the transmission of the virus.

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