Election on 14 February: polling stations, voting points, postal votes and election day

Catalonia’s parliamentary elections are being held on 14 February. Barcelona City Council has created 126 new polling stations using facilities such as sports halls and municipal markets, to ensure health and safety measures for Covid-19. All voting premises will be disinfected, with safe access points, hand sanitiser dispensers and face-mask checks. Voters are to enter and leave via different points to avoid people coming into contact with each other.

28/01/2021 15:41 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Which polling station should I vote at in Barcelona?

To guarantee safety, polling stations will be located in sports halls and large well-ventilated places. Check your voting notification card before going to vote. If you want to know where you should vote, you can check by calling the 010 number or using this link.

For the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia on 14 February 2021, the electoral census is made up of people officially residing in Barcelona as of 1 October 2020.

To check the electoral census, you should have at least a basic means of digital ID (PIN or IdCat Mòbil) or a medium-level means (digital certificate) and request this here

If you have been called to staff a voting point your task will also be indicated.

How can I know if I have been called to staff a voting point?

To find out if you have been named to staff a polling point and which role you will have, call the 010 number or request this here.

How can I get a postal vote?

Postal votes can be applied for up until 5 February, in person at post offices before 2 pm, or online on the post office website with an idCAT digital certificate or electronic ID card.


Access and voting at polling stations

  • Go unaccompanied, unless you need assistance.
  • Avoid the busiest times.
  • Vulnerable people will have priority.
  • Respect the physical distance of 1.5 metres inside and outside the polling station.
  • Booths without curtains will be available to guarantee privacy.
  • You must show your ID to those staffing voting points at a distance.
  • They may ask you to momentarily remove your mask for identification purposes.
  • Place your vote in the ballot box when you are instructed to do so.



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