Procedures and basic resources for people with disabilities

To help make Barcelona an accessible and egalitarian city, a series of procedures and basic resources are available to people with some sort of disability. These include disability certificates, assessments of people’s degree of dependency and various cards with associated benefits, such as transport, parking and the issue of ID cards without having to leave the home.

04/12/2019 15:14 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The resource guide outlines procedures, grants and benefits considered to be of interest to city people with some sort of disability. The guide includes support resources from Barcelona City Council and other administrations, such as the Government of Catalonia. In the case of other administrations people are advised to check for any updates to information on the respective corporate websites.

Basic procedures include the disability assessment, a service offered by the Directorate-General for Social Protection (Ministry for Work, Social Affairs and Families) and provided through disability support centres (CAD). The dependency assessment is also considered basic and has three levels (moderate, severe and highly dependent). It can lead to economic support for autonomy and care for dependent people.

People with legally recognised disabilities who usually reside in Catalonia can get their degree of disability accredited with the disability accreditation card.

People with disabilities can also apply for cards with associated benefits:

  • Parking card (allows users to reserve individual parking, park in places reserved for people with disabilities and park for unlimited periods of time in green and blue parking spaces and loading/unloading areas).
  • White card (for users of the municipal special transport service).
  • Cuida’m card (identifies people whose clinical characteristics mean they need various types of care from healthcare services).
  • Pink card (free or discounted travel on public transport and discounts or special conditions in participating establishments).
  • Other travel discount cards (such as the metropolitan pass for people with disabilities, the pensioner’s card or the RENFE gold card).

People with disabilities registered with employment offices operated by the Government of Catalonia and who meet certain requisites can pay social security contributions via a special agreement towards retirement, death and outliving others (as widows or orphans), and to benefit their families without working or being self-employed.

Users can also carry out procedures from home relating to the issue of ID cards as the National Police offer an itinerant service for people to conduct formalities in their own homes. The service is aimed at people with illnesses or disabilities which cause serious mobility problems.

In line with public policies to respect the rights of people with disabilities, there are also a series of prerogatives to guarantee their inclusion, accessibility and equality in areas such as culture, tourism, free time, sport, access to entities and facilities healthcare, employment, access to housing, personal and domestic support and support for care workers. They also have resources available to protect their rights and denounce any manifestation of hate or discrimination.