Long live local commerce, Viba Barcelona!

Commercial establishments from the city’s various shopping hubs and municipal markets are teaming up to be more competitive. The Viba Barcelona customer loyalty card scheme comes into operation in the autumn, initially in the district of L’Eixample, and is designed to act as an incentive for people to shop locally.

27/06/2018 16:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The loyalty scheme operates with a physical card or via a mobile app. A website will also be available for registered users to check how many points they’ve accumulated and see what offers there are.

Viba Barcelona is the result of an agreement between the following organisations: Fundació Barcelona Comerç, Barcelona Oberta, Federació de Gremis Detallistes de Productes Alimenticis i Associacions de Concessionaris de Mercats de Catalunya  (FEGRAM), Associació de Mercats de Catalunya (AMC),  PIMEC Comerç and the Councillor’s Office for Tourism, Commerce and Markets. An association has been set up by local commercial entities to be able to apply the scheme in the district of L’Eixample, with the rest of the city’s shopping hubs and markets to join from February 2019 onwards.

Users will be rewarded with at least 1% of the value of their purchase in points which can be exchanged in future purchases, initially at the same establishment. They will also have access to offers, draws, promotions and other additional benefits at participating establishments and municipal centres for culture and sports, as well as discounts on admission to Barcelona Zoo and promotions at the city’s museums.

The initiative is part of the Strategy for boosting and raising the profile of commerce in Barcelona 2017-2019 and the Strategic Plan for Markets 2015-2025, which seeks to preserve and strengthen the city’s model of local commerce, improving competitiveness and backing innovation and the adaptation to the digital transformation.


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