Remodelling projects approved for the Montserrat and Horta markets

The Governing Board of the Barcelona Institute of Municipal Markets has approved the construction project for the new Mercat de Montserrat, in the district of Nou Barris, and the remodelling of the Mercat d’Horta, after an agreement was reached in both cases with the Market Stallholders Board.

26/03/2019 19:29 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Mercat de Montserrat

In the case of the Mercat de Montserrat a new facility will be built on the site next to the current market, with the existing building to be partially demolished. The project for the new market will offer 7,500 square metres of floor space, with access to the building on different levels. The building will take the form of a trapezium, with access at the corners.

The traditional market will house 25 food stalls and include a cafeteria and bar, five outside establishments, 1,300 square metres of commercial floor space and the foyer. The underground floors will house storage facilities and logistics areas, as well as a car park with fifty spaces.

The construction of the new Mercat de Montserrat means a revamp to the space between Via Favència, C/ Aiguablava, C/ Torres and Camí Vell de la Pedrera, which will continue to be a connecting space for the various adjacent neighbourhoods. Some of the arches from the current market building are to be maintained. A large central area will act as a public square and as a thoroughfare connecting the different parts of the district.

There will be no need to build a temporary market. The uses of the former market, which will be partially dismantled, will be decided by the District of Nou Barris via a participatory process.

The executive project, tendering process and awarding of the work is due to be carried out in 2019, enabling work to start in 2020.

Remodelling project for the Mercat d’Horta

In contrast, the project for the Mercat d’Horta involves a complete revamp for the existing building, which is listed heritage, to be able to equip it with all the requirements and services it needs but which are presently not permitted. The prevision is for the temporary market to be set up in 2021.

The project will preserve the concrete structure and build a glass exterior leaving the structure of the historical building in view. The central area will be preserved as it is now.

In the section by C/ Tajo there will be a floor for fresh produce stalls. A first floor will also be constructed with two entrances in C/ Mestre Serradesanferm and an escalator will be installed for access from C/ Tajo. The lower floor will also house a supermarket without fresh produce, complementing the produce on sale at market stalls.

Offices, multi-purpose areas and machine spaces will be located on the upper floor, while a car park will be built underground on floor -1 and logistics spaces created on floor -2.

Mercat de Sant Andreu

The Governing Board has also approved the cost for the work at the new Mercat de Sant Andreu, totalling 8,677,982,41 euros. The definitive market is due to start being built in the summer and should open definitively at the end of 2020.

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