A boost for the creative industries with Bonus Cultura

Ahead of the day for books and roses, to be held on 23 July this year, the first batch of Bonus Cultura vouchers go on sale on 13 July. The system is designed to boost people’s cultural consumption and business activity among the creative industries. Each voucher costs 30 euros (plus a one-euro processing fee) and includes a free top-up of 10 euros, enabling the holder to purchase culture products to the value of 40 euros.

07/07/2020 13:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

What can the voucher be used to purchase?

From 3 to 31 December holders will be able to buy:

  • Books from participating establishments.
  • Tickets to shows and events (cinema, theatre, concerts etc.), even if they take place beyond these dates.

How does it work?

  • A code is provided which can be exchanged with the establishment for tickets or books.
  • If the cost is greater than the value of the voucher, the user must pay the difference. If it is less, the establishments will issue a personalised shopping voucher for the difference, to be used in the same establishment during a limited period.

Where can it be purchased?

  • The Bonus Cultura will be on sale on the web bonuscultura.com/barcelona.
  • There is no purchasing limit for the Bonus Cultura per user or for the use of more than one voucher towards the same purchase.
  • The first batch of vouchers will be on sale from 13 July, with a second batch to be made available in September.

The collaborators for the initiative are: ADETCA (theatre companies in Catalonia), ASACC (association of concert venues in Catalonia), the Cambra del Llibre de Catalunya (book guild), the Gremi de Llibreters de Catalunya (booksellers’ guild), the Gremi de Cinemes de Catalunya (cinema guild) and the culture community TresC.

Establishments which do not belong to any of these entities can join in with the project by using the form on the website bonuscultura.com/barcelona.