Grants for 225 culture and science projects with the ‘Barcelona Awards 2020’

The 225 winning projects have now been announced for the ‘Barcelona Awards 2020’, promoted by the Barcelona Institute of Culture and proposed by the City Culture Council to provide support for culture, education and science in the city within the context of the current pandemic. Three specialised independent juries evaluated 2,275 projects in all. Those chosen will receive 6,000 or 10,000 euros, depending on which category they are in.

12/07/2021 15:19 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Some 37% of grants have been awarded to women and 31% to men, with the rest going to organisations. A gala is being held at the Teatre Grec on Thursday 15 July to pay homage to the winning people and organisations.

Support for culture and science

The grants are part of the third package of measures to support the city’s culture and science network in the face of the difficulties resulting from the pandemic, with an overall budget of 1.6 million euros. This comes on top of over 5 million euros corresponding to the ordinary subsidy call, designed to promote cultural activity in the city and this year reaching a total of 1,020 projects.

Click here to see the list of projects chosen to receive grants from the ‘Barcelona Awards 2020’.