The Sala Ciutat renews its Altell Il·lustrat and publishes a book on the last seven displays

A new artistic mural is on display in the Altell Il·lustrat as from 27 March. The display by the illustrator Pau Gasol and the designer Carles Murillo pays homage to the book ‘Barcelones’, by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán. In parallel with the new display, the book ‘Altell Il·lustrat’ has been published, offering a look at the pieces displayed there since 2016 and renewed twice a year.

28/03/2019 12:36 h

Mireia Alonso

Barcelones inspires the new Altell Il·lustrat display

Taking the republished work by Vázquez Montalbán as their starting point, the illustrator Pau Gasol and the designer Carles Murillo sought to create a piece which shows the multiple cities which exist side by side and are reborn in a single metropolis, diverse, resistant and spontaneous. The result is a large-format mural true to the spirit of the book, where the illustration and texts offer a free and fragmented composition inviting visitors to journey through a collage of stories and images.

Seven altells and one book

Since April 2016, seven artists have reinterpreted the city with particular artistic visions, a series of creative works now brought together in the book Altell Il·lustrat. From the illustrations of María Corte through to the new display by Gasol and Murillo, the Altell has helped showcase the artistic variety and talent of illustrators from here and from further afield.

  • María Corte: winding figures and an explosion of colour combined in this festive mural which featured monuments such as the cathedral and the Sagrada Família. The illustrator wanted to represent an iconic, plural and heterogeneous Barcelona.
  • Joan Negrescor: the Barcelona artist portrayed the city as a chaotic yet beautiful jungle, where people, buildings and objects merge to form a dynamic and vital mosaic. The reduced palette of colours helped create a labyrinthic sensation, like a large jigsaw where a bicycle, a palm tree or a handshake could be deciphered.
  • Gina Thorstensen: an upbeat game exuding the Norwegian artist’s expressive character, with a personal vision of the city shaped by curiosity and the discovery of hidden corners, streets and squares. The composition, full of surprises, invited the public to play.
  • Miquel Bustos: the piece was originally inspired by the city’s festive side, but during the creative process the attacks occurred on 17 August. The work then centred on the city’s response of ‘We’re not afraid’, symbolising harmony, tolerance and diversity expressed through art.
  • Lalalimola: Júlia the mammoth, the grand cascade and the Passeig dels Til·lers all featured in this composition inspired by the Parc de la Ciutadella, the focus for the illustration by the Valencian artist. Nature, architecture and fantastical characters combined throughout the mural and invited visitors to dream.
  • Lu_J_son: as if it were a large symmetrical display case, the piece by the Zaragoza artist came out of the walls of the Sala Ciutat offering a sense of monumentality. The tangle of lines and colours transported us from the balconies of modernista buildings to the sea, with water as the guiding thread for the journey, from a young child’s hands to a bather’s legs.

The book, published by the City Council, is part of the ‘Carnet de Voyage’ collection, consisting of over thirty titles, where Barcelona illustrators interpret the city’s neighbourhoods and landscapes. The book is on sale in the Sala Ciutat itself.


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