Feminism, diversity and dissidence in the lecture for 11 September by Alondra Carrillo Vidal

This year’s lecture for 11 September looks at the fifty years since the revolutionary Unidad Popular movement and is entitled “Desitjar una altra vida. L’esperança insurgent passats 50 anys de la Unidad Popular”. Psychologist Alondra Carilla Vidal will be giving the lecture, which looks at the legacy of feminism, diversity and dissidence left by the electoral victory of the Unidad Popular alliance in Chile, led by Salvador Allende.

04/09/2020 13:43 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Alondra Carrillo Vidal is a psychologist, militant feminist and spokeswoman for the Coordinadora Feminista 8M. She is also a member of the Grupo de Estudios Feministas de Chile.

The lecture take place in the Saló de Cent chamber at the City Hall on Tuesday 8 September (6 pm). The speaker will deliver the lecture as a video conference from Chile.

Admission will be limited to ensure safety measures. It will also be possible to follow the lecture live at https://youtu.be/qGL-cTQ7eJw.

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