E-notification: quicker, simpler, safer and more eco-friendly

The e-notification is an online form of communication that streamlines procedures with the City Council and reduces their environmental impact. Its use is obligatory for companies and legal entities, and voluntary for individuals, who can easily request an end to notifications on paper and receive them online instead.

05/06/2024 10:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Applications can be made via the Register of Subscribers to Barcelona City Council’s E-Notification Service. Whenever there’s a new notification, the user gets an alert by email or SMS with a link they can use to check it via a digital platform.

Advantages of the e-notification

  • Greater availability: users can get notifications immediately and have access to them from any computer, mobile or tablet, anywhere and at any time.
  • Greater security: the system minimises the likelihood of error or loss of notifications on paper. It also ensures privacy in interaction with the City Council.
  • Greater sustainability: the reduction in paper represents a financial saving and reduces the environmental impact.


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