Barcelona to preside the European digital city forum for two years

Barcelona is to hold the presidency of the European digital city forum for the next two years. The goal is to implement the forum as a major tool for debate in European digital policies and promote action on digital inclusion and the use of emerging technologies as a public asset.

05/11/2020 13:45 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The European Commission must determine how the digital economy will be regulated at a European level, and the forum is aimed at introducing urgent priorities onto the agenda:

  • Combatting the digital divide, fostering social cohesion and protecting rights in the post-Covid era.
  • Responsible use of artificial intelligence and big data by public administrations, building an ethical model and promoting its application to offer people personalised services.
  • Protecting people’s digital rights and improving the use of digital technology as a means of empowerment.
  • Promoting collaboration with European institutions and developing a public digital infrastructure.

Barcelona’s candidacy was chosen by the general assembly of the Eurocities network, made up of more than 140 big cities and created to share experiences, exchange ideas and produce proposals for common problems. Rotterdam will hold the vice-presidency.


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