A renewed meeting point for the city’s international talent

Barcelona Expat Week has been conceived as a meeting point to boost the network of international talent residing in the city or planning to set up here. The event represents a step forward in resources and services compared to its predecessor, Barcelona International Community Day, the annual meeting for the city’s foreign community.

10/10/2020 11:08 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona


Expat Week is on from 19 to 23 October, the opening edition adapting to the health situation with 39 online activities and an innovative virtual platform to help build the community during the event and throughout the year.

The event features 88 speakers, mainly women, with 27 different nationalities represented. They will be taking part in the virtual sessions and facilitating information and resources on topics relating to personal landing, work and training, how to do business or to start up, as well as how to enjoy and be a part of the city.

Barcelona Expat Week is one of the measures by the Economic Response Coordination centre (CECORE), under a municipal government measure to promote new actions to capacitate, develop and generate talent in the city.

The event is free, with registration on the platform which will be used to create the virtual community. Over 1,700 people of 100 different nationalities have so far signed up to take part.



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