Joint efforts to map out the agreement on quality employment until 2030

The new city agreement on quality employment for the period up to 2030 should be finalised at the end of year, setting out the focus for action, decision-making and governance to respond to current employment needs. The new agreement is the result of joint efforts between economic, social and training stakeholders.

29/09/2021 18:26 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The meeting on the city agreement on quality employment through until 2030 addressed the main challenges, such as the promotion of quality in labour conditions, a comprehensive approach to unemployment among young people through extra education, more space for vocational and technical training, the improvement of jobseeking support and the consolidation of new public strategies to foster work contracts.

Better access to jobs for all

Covid-19 has hit the labour market very hard and highlighted the need to rethink the model for advice, training and aspects to be improved in skills and qualifications. The goal of the agreement is to improve access to jobs in the city and to help the unemployed find work through the design of agreements between administrations and stakeholders involved in active policies in the city.

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