New call for public sector jobs for people with intellectual disabilities

A recruitment process is under way with 27 vacancies for auxiliary services assistants, to be covered by people with intellectual disabilities. The newly created category uses criteria which has been adapted to foster diversity and inclusion in the municipal administration.

02/12/2020 17:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Applications can be made up until 21 December. The call is aimed at people with a legally recognised disability equal to or greater than 33%, of which at least 25% must correspond to intellectual disability.

Some 7% of public sector jobs at a municipal level are reserved for people with recognised disabilities of 33% or more. With the creation of the new category, 2% of these jobs are specifically for people with intellectual disabilities and 5% are for people with other disabilities (physical, aural, visual etc.).

Adapted recruitment process

The adaptation of the recruitment criteria consists of eliminating a theory section from the first test and replacing it with a basic skills test with a maximum of 35 questions, along with a practical test with one or more exercises relating to the tasks for the position being offered. No minimum qualifications are required, and the interview will not form part of the recruitment process, acting instead as a way of getting to know the people chosen and assessing each candidate’s suitability for a specific post.

Help with settling into the new job

Once selected, the people who will be taking up the positions will get support from an educator from the labour assessment team at the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities (IMPD), who will help them adapt to their new working environment, as well as the rest of the team they will be working with.


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