Progress at the new Port Olímpic

The monitoring commission for the Port Olímpic addressed priority action for the project to transform the complex into a safer place, diverse and open to the public, a process which started when the port came under municipal management in April. Nightlife will be a thing of the past as the port becomes a place for sports, gastronomy, knowledge and learning linked to the sea and maritime activities.

28/07/2020 21:01 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Open to citizens

One of the main goals of the new model is to integrate the Port Olímpic into the city. The model will define new uses and activities which are vastly different to those at present, clearly moving to improve the complex through:

  • The diversity of sports activities linked to the sea
  • A gastronomy area linked to the sea and local produce
  • An area for dissemination, training and experimentation linked to marine culture
  • An open and accessible area for the public

Priority action

In a move to maintain activity at the port until work is carried out, contracts have been established to provide continuity for those occupying premises and safety has been stepped up all around the port, reinforcing the area at the Moll de Mestral wharf. The project for the new access point has also been put out to tender and should guarantee the least disruption possible to activities at the port.

Short-term mooring contracts are also being offered, with priority for smaller vessels and discounts according to the level of pollution of boats.

What work will be carried out first?

Work to adapt premises at the Moll de Mestral: the master plan classifies this area as having premises from the blue economy, which make the most of the Mediterranean’s resources to drive a non-pollutant circular economy which is efficient in its use of resources and based on sustainable production and consumption. Besides adapting premises, a strolling area will be created with green zones and a pergola to provide shade. The budget for the project is 3.96 million euros.

At the same time, the process to recover the nightlife venues at the Moll de Mestral continues through the relevant legal and administrative procedures.

Renovation of the Municipal Sailing Centre: there is a proposal to adapt the space to meet the needs of the centre. In terms of sports instruction and activities, services include a gym, changing rooms, classrooms, hangars and a large multi-purpose hall with sea views. The hall will be used to host activities at the centre, as well as municipal meetings and exhibitions. The overall project affects a surface area of nearly 2,500 square metres and has a budget of 3.76 million euros.

Complete revamp of the sea wall: the second stage of work in this area includes an urban renewal project, with a complete revamp of the premises for the rest of the blue economy activities, as well as doubly high storerooms for those with boats moored at the port. Between the building work and urban renewal of this area the project corresponds to 9,500 square metres and has a budget of 7.036 million euros.

The invitations to tender will be published on 29 July, with work expected to start early in 2022 and conclude at the end of the same year or early in 2023.

Prevention and hygiene against Covid-19

The facilities at the Port Olímpic have been adapted to the current health situation with required measures for prevention, hygiene, safety, cleanliness and disinfection in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The Global Safe Site certificate (Excellence category) indicates that the required health measures are being correctly applied, and that samples from the facilities verify spaces are clean and disinfected.


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