A new scientific research prize

The new prize will first be awarded on 27 November and recognises the careers of European scientists conducting research in fields of knowledge with an important impact on society and the improvement of quality of life. The goal is to move towards gender equality in scientific and academic spheres and so the prize has been named after the 4th century woman philosopher and astronomer Hypatia of Alexandria.

18/09/2018 16:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Hypatia European Science Prize, worth 30,000 euros, is part of the ‘Barcelona, City of Science’ programme, which promotes scientific research and innovation in the city. The award is named after the philosopher and astronomer Hypatia of Alexandria (344-415) in recognition of women’s contribution to scientific progress throughout history.

The new award will be given annually in recognition of the quest for excellence in the careers of international scientific researchers working in the three main areas of knowledge: science and technology, life sciences and health, and humanities and social sciences. This year’s prize recognises the careers of researchers in the field of science and technology.

The presentation period for candidates is open until 31 October 2018. The first edition of the Hypatia European Science Prize will be awarded on 27 November as part of the 30th Annual Congress of the Acadèmia Europaea – Barcelona Knowledge Hub.

More information on the rules for the Hypatia European Science Prize can be found here.


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