Applying design to improve the city

A new agreement has just been signed with Elisava, the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, to collaborate on the study, co-creation and implementation of public policies to help improve the city and community life through design-related creative processes. The three year agreement places an emphasis on teaching and research.

26/04/2017 13:59 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The deal will mean combined teaching and research projects can be developed within the context of the work done by the Desis Lab, the Elisava laboratory which looks at the contribution of design to social innovation and sustainability. One of the outstanding elements in the collaboration is the Master in Service Design, offered by Elisava to innovate in the design, creation and implementation of services.

According to the First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello: “We want to take advantage of all the talent being generated here in the city by applying methodologies which have been developed in the sphere of design to improve our public policies, to help drive a more innovative, inclusive economic model and to turn Barcelona into the digital city of the 21st century”.

The collaboration between the laboratory and the City Council will centre on the analysis, research and co-design of urban and social transformation projects, such as the implementation of superblocks in the city, the Poblenou Maker District to promote digital production, and manufacturing in the city, thanks to a new sustainable production and consumption system and new urban practices to develop the circular and collaborative economy in the city.


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