Data as a common asset

The Municipal Data Office is the first of its kind in the Spanish state and has been set up to carry out in-depth analyses of the huge volume of information generated in the city, allowing public policies to be improved and adapted to cover people’s needs quicker and better.

14/02/2018 11:22 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The office will reorganise information generated by the public into a single platform, making it accessible for everyone and establishing a more efficient, transparent and democratic system. In addition, the position of Data Protection Delegate will be created to strive for security, privacy and the ethical management of the information gathered.

Projects to be run by the office will include the Housing Observatory, providing an ongoing study of how the housing market evolves, and gentrification monitoring, with data to help define action to stop local residents and commerce being forced out of the city’s neighbourhoods.

A comprehensive information system offering an overview of premises and economic activity in Barcelona (EIAE) will also be implemented, the idea being to redress the lack of such integrated information. A control unit will also be set up to enhance decision-making by municipal management.

The office will be staffed by 40 people from the Municipal IT Institute (IMI) and the Technical Programming Cabinet (GTP). The director will be Màrius Boada, former director of Statistics and Opinion Studies at the City Council.


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