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Support for people looking to improve their work prospects and a series of guidelines for new motors to generate wealth in Barcelona, enhancing business competitiveness and the city’s economy. These are some of the actions set out by Barcelona Activa for the coming year, to be specified in a new city agreement on quality employment for all.

11/10/2019 18:14 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

In 2020 Barcelona Activa is expecting to help over 35,000 people with advice relating to employment, as well as helping nearly 20,000 business people and companies and 12,000 people with training and digital innovation. The agency also expects to provide personalised local assistance in more than 500 cases. All this, with a projected budget of 55 million euros.

Some 53% of the agency’s budget will be used to improve the quality of employment, taking into account the platform economy, digitalisation and continuous technological changes in the job market. At the same time work will be done to apply the measures set out in the ‘Barcelona, Zero Working Poverty’ plan.

Priority will be given to resources for vulnerable collectives: young people, the over-45s, women, newly arrived citizens and over 20,000 long-term unemployed.

There will also be continuity for services which the municipal economic agency has already started, such as the inclusion of social and ethical contract clauses and work rights defence points in different city districts, accessible to anyone needing to resolve legal issues relating to work.

In terms of young talent, the plan is to strengthen and consolidate opportunities and events such as the Young People’s Employment Fair, which will be held again in the first quarter of 2020, and to promote facilities working in the sphere of training, learning abilities and professional skills.

Which economic sectors are strategic for Barcelona Activa?

The idea is emphasise the value chain of the new 4.0 industry, the social and circular economy and systems linked to the bio sector (biomedicine, biotechnology, agro-food, green economy), the digital sector (ICTs, IoT, mobile), the creative and cultural sector (music, performing arts, architecture, design, editing) and tourism, commerce and sport. To this end, specialised sectoral programmes will be developed in the creative industries.

In an effort to strengthen its international competitiveness, the city will also be looking to attract foreign projects and collaborate with the private sector to foster digital talent.

All the services, action and programmes by the agency will be in keeping with the UN sustainable development goals to drive a green and sustainable economy.

In this respect, fighting the climate emergency and pollution, eliminating inequalities and defending social rights, diversity and feminism, as well as working for shared economic progress, will be some of the goals, also to be extended to the rest of the city’s economic system.

Barcelona Activa website: https://www.barcelonactiva.cat/barcelonactiva/cat/.


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