Selective waste collection triples in Sarrià with the door-to-door collection service

The door-to-door collection service in the old quarter of Sarrià has seen selective waste collection nearly triple, rising from 19% to 55.8%. The most significant increase is in organic waste collection, which has gone up from 14% to 55.8%. In the first six months since the new system was put into operation, selective waste collection in the neighbourhood has been running at about 18% above the city average, which stands at around 36%.

20/09/2018 19:29 h

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The selective waste collection service in the old quarter of Sarrià has been running for six months. The biggest increase so far has been in the collection of organic waste, which has almost increased tenfold and means the weekly collection volume has risen from 700 kg to 6,500 kg.

Overall, the door-to-door service has been collecting a weekly average of 14,392 kg since February. This includes organic waste, plastic and metals, paper and cardboard and glass. The figures represent more than double the amount collected using the previous system, which collected an average of 6,890 kg a week. Impurity levels in the organic waste collected have been cut to below 2%, meaning the material can be used to make compost.

Besides organic waste, the collection of plastics and metals has doubled, rising from 34% to 71%, and the collection of paper and cardboard is up from 30% to 54%.

Improvement proposals

Since the new collection system was put in place, a commission from the Neighbourhood Council (made up of local residents, retailers, entities and the City Council) has been periodically following up and putting forward solutions to fine tune the service. These include using the organic material to make compost, distributing communal containers to buildings with more than five floors and forming networks whereby local residents help senior citizens and people with functional diversity by taking different categories of waste bins down to the street for them. More information will also be supplied in areas with lower participation and stickers placed more prominently.

Pioneering project in the city

Due to its territorial and demographic make-up, the old quarter in Sarrià was the ideal place to roll out the first door-to-door selective waste collection system in the city. The service is part of the municipal ‘Zero Waste’ strategy, which focuses on generating less waste and recycling different types of waste more efficiently, particularly organic material.



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