Use of green points rewarded with waste tax discounts of up to 14%

The use of green points is to be rewarded with a discount of up to 14% off the waste tax, in a move designed to increase the number of users. The goal is to promote selective waste collection as a way of achieving more sustainable waste management, tackling the climate emergency and preserving everybody’s health.

04/07/2020 11:56 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The use of green points and metropolitan waste dumps will be controlled via the free metropolitan waste card, which is used to register the uses that holders make of these facilities.

The reduction in the waste tax will be scaled, offering up to 14% discount depending on the number of times cardholders make use of the facilities in the year. The discount scale is as follows:

  • 1% for 2 uses in a year.
  • 4% for 5 uses in a year.
  • 7% for 8 uses in a year.
  • 9% for 10 uses in a year.
  • 11% for 12 uses in a year.
  • 14% for 15 or more uses in a year.

The metropolitan waste card can be applied for at green points by presenting a recent water bill, or via the website for the Barcelona Metroplitan Area.

Goal: 65% selective waste collection

The discounts for using green points comes in addition to systems such as door-to-door collections and mobile units to improve waste collection management.

The goal is to increase selective waste collection from the current 40% to 65% in fifteen years.

Discounts for commerce because of Covid-19

Waste collection during the state of emergency for Covid-19 will be discounted by 100% for 83,000 shops in the city. The reduction represents a saving of 4.8 million euros for shops and other commercial establishments.


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