Boosting science and technology vocations among girls in the city

Over fifty girls presented a dozen mobile apps which they have developed to tackle challenges around them, such as bullying at school, homophobia and sexist violence. The apps were presented at the Girls for a Change act, aimed at minimising the digital gender divide and promoting equal opportunities.

18/04/2018 18:58 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The act was held in the Saló de Cent chamber at the City Hall and attended by the artists and technologist Zoe Philpott, who was tasked with offering the girls advice on their projects, along with the Commissioner for Technology and Digital Innovation, Francesca Bria.

Twelve teams took part in all, explaining the positive social and economic impact of their mobile apps and how they tackle the challenges in question.

The apps include solutions for helping secondary school students choose further and higher education courses, as well as others with humanitarian aims, promoting contact between NGOs and volunteer workers.

The meeting for the teenagers was part of the Steam Conference, an annual meeting promoting education at so-called STEAM camps (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics).

This year’s edition puts women at the centre of its programme and includes the free show Ada.Ada.Ada, a very special homage to the extraordinary life and legacy of the mathematician Ada Lovelace, considered the first programmer in history.


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