Extraordinary contribution of 2.5 million euros for rent payments

Guaranteeing the right to housing for those who are most vulnerable is a municipal priority which is more current than ever during the Covid-19 crisis. That’s why an extraordinary municipal contribution of 2.5 million euros has been announced to top up state aid for the payment of rents. The Mayor, Ada Colau, has also proposed a national agreement on the right to housing and reminded the Spanish government that city councils need more funding and resources in this sphere.

21/05/2020 18:47 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Mayor, Ada Colau, has written to the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, calling for a national agreement to protect and guarantee the right to housing. Colau also pointed to the need to amend the law on budgetary stability and financial sustainability so that councils can use their accumulated budget surplus to mitigate the effects of the social and economic crisis generated by Covid-19.

The letter from the Mayor was accompanied by a document with specific proposals on housing, calling on the central government:

  • To extend the suspension of evictions and extend rent contracts by a further six months in both cases.
  • To reduce VAT for new protected housing developments.
  • To make mediation obligatory at the start of eviction processes.
  • To make it easier for administrations to purchase housing at below-market prices.
  • For owners of multiple properties to make some of them available for affordable rent schemes.


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