The list of social entities awarded housing for vulnerable groups has been published

07/02/2024 11:34 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

As a result of the call for applications for the transfer of public housing to social organisations for people in vulnerable situations, the Barcelona Housing Consortium (CHB) has published the list of approved organisations with a proposal for allocation (10) and those on the waiting list (25).

The procedure established in point 7.7 of the Regulatory Bases was followed and the allocation was made to the organisations with the highest score in each of the typologies of the nine groups listed. This criterion has also been used to allocate the units on the waiting list.

The published list includes the first homes proposed by the entities and, when this first waiting list is exhausted, a new list of second homes will be drawn up.

The duration of the agreement or contract will be at least three years, in accordance with the corresponding regulations, renewable on a case-by-case basis.

Any entity wishing to do so may submit objections to this provisional list within ten working days of its publication.

The provisional list can be downloaded from the following link and from the “More information” section of this news item.

Publication of provisional allocation of social housing units (CAT)

Public housing for vulnerable groups
The ten flats have been allocated to private social initiatives and non-profit organisations that work with these vulnerable groups: people in need of health care, homeless people, people with mental health problems and people in a situation of housing exclusion, among others.

The apartments range in size from 40 m² to 90 m² and have one, two or three bedrooms.

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