Twenty-seven people with intellectual disabilities join the municipal team

This is the first time a specific recruitment call has been created to adapt to people with intellectual disabilities, going further than the usual reserves established in recruitment processes. Fifteen women and twelve men will be starting municipal jobs on Monday as assistants with auxiliary services, carrying out support tasks in different areas and departments.

13/01/2022 14:46 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The 27 people chosen, who have at least a 33% degree of disability and a 25% degree of intellectual disability, will get support and advice from the Labour Assessment Team at the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities. A welcome plan will also be in place to help each worker into their job.

The role of the new workers will be to carry out support tasks, such as classifying and distributing correspondence, documentation and office material; basic maintenance work; photocopying, scanning and filing documents; attending to people and helping manage waste and the recycling of paper, packaging and glass.

The intake of staff complies with the basic statute for public employment, which established that 2% of jobs must be for people with intellectual disabilities. It is also in line with article 27 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which stipulates that people with disabilities have the right to work and to freely choose their job.

The Manager’s Office for People and Organisational Development at the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities is preparing more recruitment calls with the goal of reaching 58 newly created jobs.


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