The association MigrESS wins the 25N Award

The project “Educating for intercultural life. Building a society free of sexism and racism” wins the 25N Award with its proposal to create a guide to prevent sexist and racist violence at school.

23/11/2023 12:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The winning project, “Educating for intercultural life. Building a society free of sexism and racism”, includes the creation of a guide with an intersectional and anti-racist feminist approach, conceived as a tool to prevent sexist and racist violence in the school environment. The project entails educational action aimed at students, family figures and teaching staff at city schools. The guide will offer a theoretical and practical tool providing an insight into how racist attitudes against the migrant population are configured and how they operate. The idea is to help the educational community play a more active role in the prevention and eradication of sexist violence and racism.

Goal of the award

Now in its 18th edition and adopting the slogan “BCN anti-sexist and anti-racist”, this year’s award focused on connecting these two types of discrimination to tackle different realities and challenges and to act. Today it’s not possible to speak about anti-sexism or anti-racism without linking one with the other, to be able to tackle the whole range of realities they share.

Women, simply because they are women, suffer more precariousness and vulnerability when it comes to migration. Origin often brings difficulties in different spheres, such as access to the labour market or services. Women also usually have care responsibilities and are the cornerstone of the family nucleus. Being a racialised foreigner or refugee woman accentuates prejudice, and as a result, limits opportunities and personal treatment. Opening up paths socially may entail pursuing limited routes into the labour market, precariousness, discrimination and even exploitation.

In this context, the goal of the award is to drive prevention strategies aimed at developing research and reflection and generating resources and tools for the prevention of sexist violence towards women.

Awards ceremony

Held in the Saló de Cent at the City Hall, the awards ceremony also explained the rollout of last year’s winning project. “We’re all purple points” has created a neighbourhood circuit against sexist violence through the trust and proximity that local shops and facilities in the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu generate among local residents. Before this year’s award was given, those attending were able to enjoy a performance by the empowered migrant Catalan artist Miss Raisa, with her song Otra vez. The ceremony rounded off with two songs performed by the Cor Infantil i Juvenil de Palau Vincles, a formation resulting from the Palau Vincles project, which offers free choral training through sessions at open centres, foundations and schools.

Consolidated award

Barcelona City Council has been holding the 25N Award since 2005, marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and within the framework of the Citizen Agreement for a Barcelona Free of Violence against Women.

Every year, the chosen theme offers the possibility of publicly recognising a project that addresses any of the areas and forms of violence towards girls, women and their daughters, and offering financial support. Whatever the theme, the key is to promote social changes in relation to any form of sexist violence towards women.


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