Alternation of on-street parking suspended

While the state of emergency is in place, the monthly or quarterly obligation to alternate the side of the road used for parking in some areas of the city has been suspended. In addition, and also for the duration emergency, underground car parks operated by B:SM, SABA and BAMSA have adopted special measures on prevention, disinfection and costs to users.

26/03/2020 11:20 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Various areas in the city operate an on-street parking system whereby the side of the road that vehicles park on changes monthly or quarterly. The system is used in both regulated and unregulated areas.

While the current state of emergency is in place, the change to the side of the road which vehicles use for on-street parking and which was due to come into force on 1 April has been suspended.

Citizens can therefore leave their vehicles parked in the same place and do not need to move them, meaning there’s no need for people to leave their homes. In the next few days, the relevant road signs regulating the changes will be temporarily covered.

Special measures for underground car park operators

In a similar vein, the car park operators B:SM, SABA and BAMSA have also adopted measures for users during this period.

Besides adopting strict prevention and disinfection procedures for car parks to guarantee the safety of their users, they have also taken measures relating to parking costs.

While the state of emergency is in place, users whose long-term parking subscriptions expire will not have to pay the difference. Users complying with the stipulation to remain at home and not using their parking subscriptions can also request a temporary suspension at no cost, resuming their subscription and the use of their space when things get back to normal.


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