Bike-sharing and moped-sharing licences awarded

A total of 3,975 bike-sharing licences and 6,958 moped-sharing licences have been awarded to thirty companies. The new regulations set out the conditions for the implementation and use of these vehicles to improve compatibility and safety, avoiding the saturation of public space.

07/02/2020 17:52 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The licences will be valid for three years, with the option of an additional year, and cost 71,51 euros per vehicle per year. In all, 419 licences have been awarded to each of the ten bike-sharing companies accepted, and 330 licences to the 21 moped-sharing companies.

The process to award the licences is still in the initial stage, and companies have ten working days to provide the necessary documents to show they satisfy the requisites established by the regulations:

  • Vehicles must push bikes, electric bikes and electric mopeds.
  • All vehicles must include geolocalisation systems.
  • Municipal access to data on the use of the system in real time.
  • No more than 50% of the fleet can be concentrated in the city centre for a period exceeding two hours.
  • All bikes must have systems enabling them to be attached to bike parking racks in public spaces.
  • Badly parked vehicles must be removed within 24 hours.
  • A tax of 71,51 euros must be paid per vehicle per year.
  • Companies must have civil liability insurance for their vehicles.
  • Licences issued may not be transferred or lent to others.
  • A deposit of 10% of the total amount of tax payable for a company’s fleet is needed to guarantee that licence issue conditions are suitably met.
  • All mopeds must be parked according to municipal regulations set out in the by-law on the circulation of pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Each vehicle must clearly display a unique identification number and must be registered according to municipal regulations.

Bike-sharing operators

  • Yego Urban Mobility
  • Smart Cycles
  • Ride Hive Subscription
  • Scoot Networks Iberia
  • Boltest Txfy
  • Jump Bicycles Spain
  • Cooltra Motos
  • Windshared Mobility
  • Tier Mobility Spain
  • Idribk Spain

Moped-sharing operators

  • Yego Urban Mobility
  • Tucycle Bikesharing
  • Quasar Mobility
  • Avant Fullstep
  • Uualk
  • Mobilitas Futurus
  • Scoot Networks Iberia
  • Respiro
  • Talban Krup
  • Tirkil Invest
  • Acciona Mobility
  • Oiz Ridesharing
  • Airsharing
  • Boltest Txfy
  • Eco-Logia Turismo Sostenible
  • Global Mobility Sharing
  • Ecohibrid Protea
  • Cooltra Motos
  • Windshared Mobility
  • I4sme Projects
  • Tier Mobility Spain

Further information can be found in the press release.


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