Disruptions to mobility in Passeig de Colom

Disruptions to mobility in Passeig de Colom for weatherproofing work on the service gallery at the Moll de la Fusta wharf. As from 5 February, traffic lanes will be redefined and three bus-stops repositioned to enable the work to be carried out. Trees in this section will also be replaced with new ones in the summer.

04/02/2021 18:01 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The work will take up two lanes of traffic and part of the pavement on the side nearest the sea. It also means changing the distribution of traffic in some of the other road lanes there.

How will traffic circulate in Passeig de Colom?

  • Road surface nearest the mountain: two traffic lanes and one bus lane in the direction of the Llobregat.
  • Central road section: two bus lanes and traffic lanes in the direction of the Besòs.
  • Road surface nearest the sea: no traffic lane.

Work on trees may cause occasional disruptions to traffic in the lane on the side travelling in the direction of the Besòs.

Disruptions to buses and pedestrians

The three bus-stops in the central section on the side nearest the mountains will be relocated to the outer side of the road, nearest the mountains. The TMB services which use these stops are: 59, 120, D20, H14, N0, N6 and V13. The middle one of the three Besòs-bound stops affected by the work is being cancelled to facilitate traffic circulation.

The current pedestrian crossings in the road are also due to be affected.


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