Excavation of the Glòries road tunnel concludes as the two sides connect

The excavation stage of the Glòries tunnel is now complete along its entire route, connecting C/ Castillejos with Rambla de Poblenou. The infrastructure will allow traffic to be shifted below ground, with the outbound tunnel to come into service in September and the inbound tunnel to follow in November. The project will free up space on the surface, enabling the park to be completed and noise pollution in the area to be reduced.

26/01/2021 16:24 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The tunnels run beneath the R3, R4 and R1 Rodalies train lines. The last three roof arches will now be built to complete the structure.

At the same time, work continues on the emergency exits in C/ Ciutat de Granada, C/ Escultor Claperós and C/ Llacuna, the walls for installations, inner walls and other fittings.

The tunnel for outbound traffic will come into service in September, with the one for inbound traffic to follow in November.

Another step towards the completion of the Parc de les Glòries

Shifting traffic below ground in Glòries will allow the park above ground to be finished, with the urbanisation of the central section.

In the meantime, approval has been given to the plans to remodel the Canòpia – Àmbit Tramvia area and to define housing and facilities for the section nearest the mountains.

The transformation of Plaça de les Glòries replaces a large area devoted to traffic with a green lung, with spaces for recreation and strolling, children’s games, a dog area and a sports area, with sustainable mobility a priority.


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