More spaces to recharge electric vehicles

The Full Council has given its final approval for a pioneering regulation in the state on the rollout of electric charging stations and points for recharging and swapping batteries. Barcelona currently has 113 electric recharging spaces, with 896 power points for charging electric vehicles. The goal of the new municipal regulation is a sixfold increase in that number over the next ten years, promoting cleaner and more sustainable mobility. To make this possible, different facilities for charging and swapping batteries will be fitted in on-street and underground car parks, shopping centres, petrol stations, workshops and car dealerships.

13/06/2021 10:07 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The city currently has 113 spaces for recharging electric vehicles, 80.6% of them in public car parks and the rest in public streets. Most of them are either for exclusive use by mopeds or are open to all types of electric vehicles. The rest are semi-quick and quick-charge points, exclusively for taxis and goods delivery vehicles.

The 550 electric supply points anticipated by the new regulation by Barcelona City Council will mainly be in public car parks, as well as around the ring roads and the city’s industrial estates, where there are more private vehicles. The points will be distributed all around the city, taking into account which areas have the highest numbers of vehicles.

Three types of electric recharging and battery-swap facilities will be implemented:

  • Electric charging stations: Facilities selling charging for electric vehicles and hybrids. Petrol stations in Barcelona will be able to reconvert to offer this service on their premises.
  • Charging and battery-swapping stations: Located in car parks, basements or in streets, with time bands and rotation systems in car parks at shopping centres. Charging points will be on ground floors or the first floor below ground.
  • Battery-swapping points: These will be spaces for the exchange of removable batteries in personal mobility vehicles such as electric bicycles and hand scooters.


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