New road safety plan to cut the number of accident victims by 20%

The number of people killed or seriously injured in road accidents in the city has risen since 2011. Twenty people die in road accidents every year on average, the most common cases being pedestrians or motorcyclists getting run over. The new Local Road Safety Plan 2019-2022 aims to cut the accident rate in the city and protect those most vulnerable on the city’s roads and pavements.

18/11/2019 16:28 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Figures show there have been 7,772 traffic accidents involving deaths or injuries this year, with 19 fatalities, mostly cases of pedestrians (6) or motorcyclists (11) being run over. The accident rate per head in Barcelona is 5.7 accidents per thousand inhabitants.

The Local Road Safety Plan 2019-2022 is the City Council’s main instrument for strengthening road safety, cutting the accident rate and planning mobility in the city, together with the Urban Mobility Plan.

The goal is to cut the number of road deaths by 20% and the number of people seriously injured by 16%. Priority will be given to resolving the most common problems and causes of road accidents.

The new plan adapts to new forms of mobility (electric scooters, moped-sharing, bicycles) with specific measures to cut accidents involving cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, the most vulnerable groups, as well as fostering prevention and awareness among the public.

95 measures in four main areas

Road safety education

Information sessions for schools, workers and the elderly to foster prevention and cut traffic accidents.

Technology and urban planning

Implementation of technical measures in streets and vehicles to improve road safety, protect pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists and reduce distractions to drivers and riders.

Monitoring and control

More campaigns on drink-driving and drug-driving, speeding and traffic offences. In an effort to improve surveillance and compliance with regulations, radars will also be set up at accident black spots.

Support for victims of road accidents

More support and more extensive services offering information, mediation and documentation for the victims of road accidents and their families.


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