Remodelling project for Av. Meridiana to reach Navas

The project to transform Av. Meridiana into a more people-centred street, with more space for pedestrians, a segregated bike lane in the road and better connections between local neighbourhoods continues with the section between C/ Mallorca and C/ Las Navas and C/ Josep Estivill. Work is due to get under way in 2020.

02/11/2019 10:23 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The revamp, which follows the design of the section already remodelled between C/ València and C/ Mallorca, will generate more space for pedestrians on pavements by shifting the bike lanes onto the road surface. Action includes:

  • Elimination of an in-bound traffic lane.
  • Central section with an average width of 6.9 metres and parterres.
  • Two-way bike lane in the road, next to the central section.
  • New spaces and parterres on the pavements.
  • Renewed lighting and new street furniture.

In addition, to facilitate journeys on foot between neighbourhoods next to the avenue, new pedestrian crossings will be created and the positions of current ones modified to improve routes.

The project has been approved by the Government Commission and has a budget of 6.59 million euros. Work is due to be carried out in 2020, with the transformation as far as Fabra i Puig to be ready in 2023.

Renewed with input from local people

The remodelling project for Av. Meridiana between C/ Mallorca and C/ Josep Estivill will renew 501 metres of the avenue, following on from the 800-metre section already renewed between Pl. Glòries and C/ Mallorca.

The street calming project in Av. Meridiana responds to a long-standing demand from local people and was defined via a participatory process with local residents.


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