The L10 Sud metro line reaches Zona Franca

The metro system has got a new station, Zona Franca, which becomes the eighth stop on the L10 Sud line. The station will provide service for 3,600 people a day and connect one of the city’s main industrial hubs with the metro network.

01/02/2020 15:37 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Zona Franca is the first station on the metro network to be built on a viaduct, meaning it is an outdoor stop, above the street. Access to the foyer from the street and the platform is on the first floor.

The station is located in an area of major economic activity, with a high concentration of corporate headquarters, industrial units, facilities and one of the entrances to the port complex.

Accessible and sustainable station

Like all the new metro stations, Zona Franca is an accessible station, with a lift between Carrer A and the foyer and another between the foyer and the platform. The roof also uses solar panelling to generate energy, helping to save an estimated 256 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

21,000 passengers a day on the L10 Sud

The new Zona Franca station brings the total number of stops on the Barcelona metro system to 161 stations (including the two stations on the Montjuïc funicular line), representing continued progress on the Line 9/10 project, designed to boost sustainable mobility in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

With the 3,600 passengers who will be using the new station, the L10 Sud (Zona Franca – Collblanc) is set to provide service to 21,000 passengers a day, extending its route to 6.1 kilometres.

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