The transformation of Av. Meridiana continues, now as far as Navas

The project to transform Av. Meridiana and generate more space for walking and cycling, more greenery and better connections between neighbourhoods continues with the section between C/ Mallorca and the area around Navas de Tolosa – Josep Estivill. The project will create a central section with a bike lane and vegetation, cut traffic lanes to three in each direction and reserve pavements for pedestrians. Work starts on 6 April and will take a year.

23/03/2021 20:31 h

Ana Martínez Medina

The half-kilometre section along Av. Meridiana between C/ Mallorca and C/ Josep Estivill will have:

  • A central strip over 9 metres wide: a two-way bike lane 4.3 metres wide with parterres and trees on both sides.
  • Less space for private vehicles: two traffic lanes in each direction, one fewer than at present, and a bus lane in each direction.
  • Pavements exclusively for pedestrians: the elimination of bike lanes currently on the pavements will free up space for pedestrians and allow for new parterres there.

Extra greenery will involve planting 108 trees and creating 3,500 square metres of parterres in all.

The project also entails eliminating an outbound traffic lane in the section between C/ València and C/ Mallorca, the section of Av. Meridiana already remodelled, so that the composition of the avenue retains its uniformity from Pl. Glòries to C/ Josep Esivill, with three lanes in each direction.

Beyond Josep Estivill

The transformation of Av. Meridiana doesn’t end with the area around Navas de Tolosa – Josep Estivill. The goal is to continue remodelling the avenue as far as Av. Rio de Janeiro, in various stages.

Over the course of the year, the next section to be revamped will be defined so that the executive project can be prepared at the end of the year and work started in the summer of 2022.


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