Fewer road deaths in 2021

Last year saw the number of fatalities and serious injuries from traffic accidents fall from 224 to 178, a drop of 20.54% compared to 2019. This is the second lowest figure since 2004, the lowest coming in 2020 when the lockdown was in place. In terms of deaths, 2019 saw 22 people lose their lives, a figure which dropped to 12 in 2021.

22/02/2022 16:33 h

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Last year also saw 7,000 traffic accidents recorded in all, an increase of 23.4% compared to 2020 but a drop of over 24% compared to 2019. The group with the highest mortality rate were motorcyclists, who also suffered the most serious injuries (84), followed by pedestrians (41), cyclists (6), riders of personal mobility vehicles (6) and mopeds (4). In all, vulnerable groups accounted for 85% of those seriously injured.

The number of vehicles involved in traffic accidents compared to 2019 also dropped by 30.38%, mainly cars, vans and taxis. This figure was up by 17.83% if we compare it to 2020.

The last three years have seen a growth in the presence of personal mobility vehicles in traffic accident figures, rising from 2.51% in 2019 to 4.41% in 2020 and 5.68% last year. Given this increase, the City Police stepped up specific measures to control and correct the circulation of bikes, personal mobility vehicles and cycles with more than two wheels. In all, 18,665 formal denouncements were registered against people not complying with the current municipal by-law on personal mobility vehicles.

Lack of concentration by drivers and riders as the main cause of accidents

The main direct cause of accidents continues to be a lack of concentration by drivers and riders, and not respecting safety distances. With pedestrians, the main causes are not obeying traffic lights or crossing roads away from pedestrian crossings. Alcohol is still the main indirect cause in road accidents, where causes contribute to the accident but are not the main cause.

Not obeying red traffic lights (21,163) and distractions such as using mobile phones (21,618) were also the main reasons for cases reported by the City Police with the aim of preventing accidents and reducing numbers of victims.

Finally, the city’s police corps studied 25 black spots where the most accidents resulting in injuries occur. The main ones are: the streets of Aragó and Sicília (23), Aragó and Muntaner (20) and Plaça Reina Maria Cristina (17).


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