Greater proximity with 139 new city police officers

The 91st intake of city police officers have now become operational, joining the corps to improve service for the public and strengthen police presence in the city’s neighbourhoods.

27/06/2019 16:59 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

VIDEO: Ada Colau: “This is also the largest intake I’ve been able to welcome as the Mayor. In the last term of office we offered six hundred new places for city police officers, more than ever before”.

The 139 new Barcelona City Police officers will mean greater proximity with the city’s residents from different territorial units. The new officers include 30 women (21%) and the average age is 32. This substantial intake brings more young officers onto the force, which has 2,763 in all, and corresponds to the public sector jobs offered as part of the Human Resources Plan 2016-2019.

The new recruits passed their entry exams in June last year and started a year of practical training at different police stations. Once they have been in service for a year they will become fully fledged officers.

The 233 recruits who did their entry exams this month and who will start their training in November will join the force as from 2020.

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