Memorial in remembrance of road traffic victims

The monument has been installed in a garden area next to Pg. Marítim de Nova Icària and the Bogatell breakwater. The memorial was a demand from the road traffic victims’ associations P(A)T and STOP Accidents.

15/04/2019 15:43 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The monument in remembrance of road traffic victims in Barcelona is a steel bench eleven metres long with lettering reproducing part of the poem Cançó de la mort callada, by Salvador Espriu.

The fragment of the poem, projected in shadows when the sun shines on it, is:

I sento com la muda

mort dels homes s’emporta

el meu do de paraules:

esdevé pur silenci

el meu dolor

Translation: (And I sense how men’s silent death, carries away, my gift for words; my grief becomes pure silence)

The sentence was chosen to show that the victims of road accidents are not just those who die, but also their families and friends.

The main associations for road traffic accidents, the P(A)T and STOP Accidents, had asked Barcelona City Council for the memorial in remembrance of road traffic victims.



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